Plan Reviews & Code Enforcement


One of the primary functions of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to review building plans for new construction and/or renovations as it relates to residential/commercial sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems. The Building Official and Fire Marshal also perform on-site inspections, as well as witness all related tests.
In addition, the Fire Prevention Bureau exists to enforce fire prevention codes. The Bureau currently works in conjunction with the Building Division to ensure code compliance of the fire protection systems from reviewing the prints to scheduling the final inspection to ensure a safe occupancy.
Weaver, 2018
Lieutenant Michael Weaver


Our task is to perform annual fire inspections of commercial properties within the Village of Libertyville and Fire Protection District. At the time of inspection, violations which concern fire prevention and/or life safety are noted. To promote life safety, our goal is to have the property owner/manager comply with the violations within a given time.  If you have any questions regarding the inspection process or if you would like to schedule an inspection, please call 847-362-5664.   

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