Downtown Property For Lease - Libertyville, IL

The following spaces are available for rent within downtown Libertyville (listed geographically from north to south). View listing flyers for further lease information or contact listing broker noted. Restrictions apply to the location of office and financial institutions along Milwaukee Avenue in the downtown. Contact the Economic Development or Planning Divisions at (847) 918-2028 for more information on permissible uses.

Address Zoning Leasing Contact
100 S Milwaukee Ave
SEC Milwaukee/Park
C-2 Peter Graham
CB Richard Ellis
(312) 861-7851
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340-354 N Milwaukee Ave
  • 344:
    ground floor retail (1051 SF)
  • 354:
    2nd floor offices, 512 SF
C-1 Tim Hart
Protect Realty
(847) 924-5864
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406-410 N Milwaukee Ave
  • 2nd floor offices, 1700 SF
C-1 Andrew Rubin
Frontline R.E. Partners, LLC
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528 N Milwaukee Ave
1500 SF Approx
C-1 847-680-5896
500 Block North Milwaukee Ave
Approx 1600 SF Front; 2800 SF Rear
 C-1 847-778-9519
113 E Cook Ave  C-1 Son Cook, LLC
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115 Lake Street
3042 SF; courtyard access, office/retail
C-1 Brian Adams
MidAmerica Real Estate Corp
(630) 954-7512
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705 N Milwaukee Ave
900 SF
Jim Engdahl
(847) 778-7150
757 N Milwaukee Ave  C-2 Tim Smith
(847) 769-6380 

Looking for further assistance? Please feel free to contact Heather Rowe, Economic Development Coordinator at (847) 918-2028 for futher guidance in selecting an appropriate site and approval processes related to occupancy, construction, etc. The Main Street Libertyville Organization, a not-for-profit whose mission is economic development through historic preservation, also provides site selection assistance and business services to the downtown, contact Executive Director, Pam Hume at (847) 680-0336.

Disclaimer: Once you identify a property you are interested in, be sure to contact either the Economic Development Division or Planning Division at (847) 918-2028 to confirm that the site you identified is properly zoned for the business which you wish to operate. The Village attempts to ensure that information provided is as complete, accurate and up-to-date as possible. The Village is not responsible for errors, omissions, or changes in circumstances. Properties are displayed for informational purposes only to illustrate the range of properties available within Libertyville. The Village of Libertyville does not represent any owners, brokers, or affiliations regarding properties in the Village. Information is not to be construed as management or investment advice or an endorsement by the Village.

Leasing Agents: If you wish to add a site, propose an update, or supply a flyer for posting, please contact the Village’s Economic Development Coordinator, Heather Rowe at (847) 918-2028 or via e-mail.

Table Notes:
Milwaukee: a.k.a. Rt 21

Park: a.k.a. Rt 176
NEC: northeast corner
SEC: southeast corner
NWC: northwest corner
SWC: southwest corner
C-1: Downtown Core Commercial District
C-2: Downtown Community Commercial District