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General Information

The band performs a series of free concerts during the first half of the Summer. Concerts take place at the Rose Garden in front of the Cook Mansion in Cook Park, located on the west side of Milwaukee Ave (Hwy 21), between Cook Ave and Church Street in downtown Libertyville. The special concert on July 4 takes place at Butler Lake Park, located on the north side of Lake Street, about 1/3 mile west of Milwaukee Ave (Hwy 21); for this concert, the fireworks begin at the same location immediately following the concert. The public should bring lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on, although in Cook Park there are a few picnic tables available as well.

The band presents concerts patterned on traditional public concerts given by village bands around the country since the 19th century. Music includes patriotic selections, concert medleys, show tunes, light jazz selections, light classical music, and novelty pieces. Music is selected to give a good balance and variety for both the players and the audience. Selections in each concert are announced at the time of performance over the public address system.

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For the Cook Park concerts, the public may visit nearby restaurants that are happy to put together picnic dinners, and of course people may bring their own food from home. There are no restroom facilities in Cook Park, although the Cook Library is located behind the park and its facilities are available. Street parking is scarce. The free public parking lots to the north (behind the Village Hall and the bank), and to the south (behind the Civic Center and the church) are available.
For the Butler Lake Park concert, there are no nearby restaurants, so the public may bring food from home. Portable toilets are located around the park, and a restroom facility on the north side of the park by the sports complex is generally available. Parking within Butler Lake Park is limited to a few spots that are used by the musicians. Most people park in the public lots a few blocks to the east, or on residential streets to the west, and walk to the park. A bicycle and foot path runs to the park along the north edge of the lake from the High School, giving easy access by foot or bicycle for most of the residential areas near the village center. The fireworks begin with the end of the last song of the concert, and the same area used for listening to the band is also ideal for watching the fireworks.


There is no contingency location in the event of inclement weather. Concerts are presumed to occur regardless of weather reports. On the rare occasion that a concert is canceled it is often 30 minutes prior to start time. If it is raining but stops shortly before the start time, the show will go on. If the weather changes for the worse during a concert, the show will end early.


Please consider other members of the audience and keep conversation to a minimum during music. Parents should keep children with them and not allow them to run and play near the band.