Historic Preservation Commission

Commission & Meetings

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is a seven-member commission established for the purpose of identifying, promoting and facilitating the preservation of historic structures and districts within the Village. Meetings of the HPC take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 4pm at Village Hall, located at 118 W. Cook Avenue. Please be advised that the June 2016 meeting will take place on the 14th at 4pm at Village Hall (not on the 7th).

Historic Survey

The Village has contracted architectural historians Lara Ramsey and Emily Ramsey of Ramsey Historic Consultants to conduct an architectural/historical survey of a portion of Libertyville's downtown. The purpose of the survey is to assess approximately 350 structures for architectural and historical significance. The survey area is roughly bounded by the Metra train tracks to the north, 1st Street to the east, Route 176 to the south, and Brainerd Avenue to the west. At the end of the survey process (estimated to be completed by September 2016), the information gathered will be made available to the public at www.historiclibertyville.com. The Village will use this information to make informed decisions regarding preservation planning, community development projects, and rehabilitation plans for individual buildings. Please direct any questions about the survey to Johanna Bye, Associate Planner, at (847) 918-2115 or jbye@libertyville.com.

Does Your House Have a History? Let us know! If your property falls within the survey area and your home has a relevant historical background (notable builder, architecture, owners, etc.) that you would like to share, please fill out this form and send back to us.

Local Landmark Designation

Commercial and residential structures with architectural and historical significance are now eligible for Local Landmark status with the Village. Notable features than can quality your property for local landmarking include architectural style or design; a significant builder or architect; identification with a person or persons who have made significant contributions at the local, regional or national level; and those properties associated with important cultural or social aspects or events. The complete list of criteria for local landmark designation can be found in Section 6 of the Historic Preservation Ordinance.

Interested in landmarking your property? The application can be found here. Any questions about the landmarking process, including what is required for a submission and the benefits of receiving landmark status, can be directed to Johanna Bye, Associate Planner, at (847) 918-2115 or jbye@libertyville.com.

The following properties have received Local Landmark status:
  • The Cook House, 413 N. Milwaukee Avenue (reviewed by the HPC on March 1, 2016 and approved by the Village Board on May 10, 2016)
  • The David Adler Estate, 1700 N. Milwaukee Avenue (reviewed by the HPC on April 5, 2016 and approved by the Village Board on May 24, 2016)



  • Ordinance 12-O-15: Historic Preservation Ordinance (adopted Feb. 14, 2012 by the Village Board)
  • Ordinance 14-O-70: Ordinance Amending Chapter 2 of the Village of Libertyville Municipal Code to Add Division 18 Creating the Historic Preservation Commission (adopted Oct. 28, 2014 by the Village Board)

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Questions and Comments

The Commission welcomes all comments or questions you may have. Please join one of the scheduled public meetings or contact Johanna Bye, Associate Planner, at (847) 918-2115 or jbye@libertyville.com.