Commercial Garbage and Recycling Franchise

Rate Savings Anticipated

At the October 22, 2014 Village Board meeting, a contract was approved with Groot for Village-wide commercial garbage service to begin on February 1, 2015.

The new rates are anticipated to save businesses money and provide no cost recycling options. For more about the actual rates and history of the project read on. Check the link to the rate chart for your potential savings. Included with the proposal is a "no cost" 95 gallon cart, up to a 1.5 cubic yard recycling container. This will assist in reducing your garbage costs if you take advantage of increased recycling opportunities.



In 2012, the Village Board (following extensive review) recommended consideration of a franchise for garbage and recycling services for businesses in order to support the business community to potentially reduce costs and increase recycling options. The recommendation followed a survey sent to all businesses in 2011. The responses to the survey indicated most businesses could realize significant rate savings by all businesses being served by a single waste hauler.

Following a public hearing on April 9, 2013 to consider issuing a RFP (requests for proposals), proposals were requested. After receiving proposals from 5 solid waste haulers, the Village selected the lowest price proposal from Groot Industries, Inc. and began negotiating the terms of the franchise.

In addition to lower garbage and recycling rates for most businesses, the benefits of a franchise include:
  • Uniform rates for garbage and recycling services included in the price
  • Rate increases limited annually (1 x per year) and restricted to rate of inflation
  • No additional fees or surcharges for fuel
  • Less truck traffic-resulting in less wear and tear on streets
  • Trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG)
All businesses, except home based businesses, will receive garbage and recycling services under the franchise.

To learn more about the program please view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page