North Shore Gas System Improvements

North Shore Gas (NSG) will be proceeding with system improvements as part of a large six-phase project.  The intent of the project is to retire older gas mains, install new mains, and reconnect residents’ individual services to the new line.  The majority of the work is anticipated to occur within the parkways of the public right-of-way, so residents should observe minimal or no impacts to the roadways.

The following streets are shown to be included in the upcoming project:

Ames Street
Austin Avenue W.
Burdick Street
Burridge Court
Carter Street
Center Street
Crane Boulevard
Crestfield Avenue
Dawes Street
Drake Street
Fairlawn Avenue
Garfield Avenue
Gracewood Drive
Harms Avenue
Havenwood Drive
McKinley Avenue W.
Nordic Court
Pine Tree Lane
Rockland Road W. 
Roosevelt Drive
S. Dymond Road
Saxon Lane
Shari Lane

The project is anticipated to begin as early as this week.  The overall project area is shown on the map, and the intent is for NSG to move through the area in sequential order as shown by the numbered phases (i.e. Phase I will begin first, and NSG will proceed into Phase II upon completion, etc.).

Residents should have received an initial notice in the mail from NSG regarding the upcoming project.  Village staff has requested that a follow-up notice be provided by NSG to residents when the work is nearing their phase of the project.  

Included on the sample notice is the contact information for NSG’s project supervisor (Dan Socki, 224-500-8337).  Residents are able to contact Mr. Socki directly with any specific questions related to the project.  Residents are also always encouraged to contact the Engineering Division (847-918-2100) if they have any specific questions or concerns that they’d like to discuss with Village staff.