Master Stormwater Management Plan and Proposed Flood Reduction Projects

The Village routinely experiences localized surface flooding in certain locations during moderate to heavy rainfall events, usually in excess of 2.0-inches.  Some of the contributing factors to the surface flooding is that a majority of the storm sewer lines in these areas were designed and constructed prior to modern stormwater management standards.  In addition, suitable/safe overland flood routes are nonexistent.  In order to address property and structure flooding in the Village, it was determined that the development of a Village-Wide Master Stormwater Management Plan (MSWMP) was necessary to identify all potential flooding locations in the Village.  The selected firm to complete the project was Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd. (CBBEL).  
The MSWMP includes a proposed flood reduction project for each location to the optimum protection level and then prioritizes each proposed project by the estimated total costs and benefits.  

The areas listed below are locations in the Village where flood reduction projects are being proposed. The Village Board, staff and stormwater consultant are currently in the process of evaluating a stormwater utility user fee to fund the proposed flood reduction projects and complete the necessary maintenance of the Village’s stormwater management system.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.  

Click on the link for the desired study area below and you will be redirected to the web page.  On the web page there are links provided with the Existing Conditions and Proposed Improvements for the study area.

If you have questions, please call the Public Works - Engineering Division office at 847-918-2100.

Master Stormwater Management Plan
Flood Reduction Overall Study Areas
Recommended Projects and Estimated Costs (2018 Dollars) 
Libertyville Highlands (Dowden Park) Plan

Appley - Second Avenue
Carriage Hill
Copeland Manor
East and West Ellis
Harding and Willow 
Highlands Subdivision  (Dowden Park)
Interlaken Lane
Lange and Cook
Liberty Bell and Fourth
Rockland Road Area
Stonegate Road 
Winchester Road Area