Installing Solar in an Historic Preservation District

Installing Solar within an Historic Preservation District does not need to be a daunting task. The purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission is to help ensure the historical integrity of the structures, while allowing for improvements to occur. In general, most exterior changes to a structure within an Historic District will require the review from the Commission, but there are certain circumstances where this review is not needed. To verify if your project will need the Commission's approval, please contact Chris Sandine, Associate Planner, at (847) 918-2028 or  

If it is determined that a Certificate of Appropriateness is needed, the following steps shall serve as a guideline to the process of installing Solar PV within the Historical Preservation District:

1. Pre-Application Conference with the Community Development Department
2. File Completed Certificate of Appropriateness Application with the Community Development Department
Application can be found at the end of the Certificate of Appropriateness Review Guide.
3. Historic Preservation Commission Approval
To review the design guidelines the Commission follows, they are found in section twelve (12) of Ordinance 12-O-15.
4. Village Board of Trustees Approval
5. Obtain Building Department Permit
    Click here for a list of solar PV permitting guidelines.