Bicycle Advisory Commission


  • Seven Member Commission:  Five members are residents of the Village, one member is a staff member of School District #70 and one member is a Village Board Trustee.
  • Staggered two-year terms
  • Staff Liaisons:  Deputy Chief of Police of Administration, Public Works Assistant Director, and Senior Project Engineer

Meetings:  Fourth Tuesday of the month on a bi-monthly basis. 

The duties and responsibilities of the Bicycle Advisory Commission shall be as follows: 

  1. Assess and review the bike path system within the Village, and, as required, adjoining governments for the use and pleasure of the citizens of Libertyville.
  2. Act as an advocate for a bicycle program within the Village and other governmental units.
  3. Foster bicycle safety through education, program enrichment, and program coordination with Village departments.
  4. Report to the Village Board Public Works Committee regarding recommendations for the bicycle programs within the Village.

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