Who is Groot?
Groot Industries, Inc., headquartered in Elk Grove Village, is the largest independent solid waste management services provider in Illinois. Family owned and operated since 1914, Groot has nearly 100 years of experience serving municipalities and businesses in northern Illinois and has been the Village's residential hauler since 2006.

Groot has been an industry leader in recycling and alternative fuels and has received numerous awards its environmental stewardship. Groot's fleet servicing Libertyville will consist of trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

In addition to providing commercial garbage and recycling services, Groot has committed to provide additional community resources including two (2) shredding events per year as well as an annual grant for recycling education.

For more information please contact Groot at (877) 40-GROOT (877-404-7668).

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1. What is a franchise?
2. When would the proposed franchise begin?
3. What is the term of the proposed franchise?
4. Who is included in the proposed franchise?
5. What services are included in the proposed franchise?
6. Is recyling included in the cost?
7. Why should I recycle?
8. How will I know what size containers and service I need?
9. Can I select my container size and pick up frequency?
10. What are the rates for garbage and recycling service under the proposed franchise?
11. Will I save money?
12. What if my current rates are lower than the proposed franchise rates?
13. Will I still have a service contract?
14. Who will bill me for service?
15. What are the billing terms?
16. What if my current contract expires before or after the start of the proposed franchise?
17. What if I currently have a contract with Groot?
18. Will I recieve a new container?
19. Who do I call with service problems?
20. Will the franchise affect the current franchise for residents?
21. What does the Village recieve for the franchise?
22. Who is Groot?