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Fee Summary
Building Division Summary of Fees
Permit fees are established in the Village Fee Schedule. All fees are based on the cost of construction. A cash bond of $500 to $5,000 may be required for your permit. If you are building a new residential dwelling on a vacant lot, School and Park Donations may be required.
 Plan Review Fees
Fee shall be the ICC/VOL average estimated construction cost (coc) of all        labor and materials based on fair market value multiplied by   
Minimum fee   $60.00
2nd Review   No Charge
3rd Review (and each subsequent) of original fee   50%
Special - Elevator or Technical Consultant fee plus   $60.00

 Permit Fees
General project permit fee shall be the ICC/VOL average estimated cost of        construction (coc) for labor and materials based on fair market value,          multiplied by  

Minimum fee, per discipline  $60.00
Renewal/cancellation, of original fee   25%
Sign Permit - minimum fee   $60.00
Demolition permit for principal structure   $2500.00
Work without permit will double project permit fee
   Minimum fee $120.00

 Inspection Fees
First and second (for each discipline) No Charge
Third and each subsequent   $120.00
Non-cancellation (not ready for inspection)  $120.00
Special inspections   
   Elevator or Technical Consultant fee plus $60.00
   Hardscape (patios, etc.)   $60.00
   Bond inspection/administration fee $60.00
   Inspections requested/required w/o active permits  $120.00

 Miscellaneous Fees
Stop Work Orders 
   Placard shall be removed only after this fee is paid $240.00
Building or temporary occupancy bonds  
   Minimum $500.00
   Work requiring certificate of occupancy (min) $1500.00
   Principal structure, new or demo (min) $5000.00
   Bond administration/inspection fee $60.00
Temporary certificate of occupancy monthly renewal  
   Minimum renewal fee $250.00
   Principal structure, new, first renewal $500.00
      Second and each subsequent renewal $1000.00
Electrical Contractor Registration Fees  
   Application (includes examination) $60.00
   Registration (includes certificate) $40.00
   Annual renewal of registration $100.00
   Annual renewal late fee $60.00