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Snow & Ice Control Operations
The Village of Libertyville adopted a modified approach to salting lower volume Village streets beginning with the 2008-09 snow and ice season. The Village will continue this modified approach during this snow and ice season. The attached map (below) indicates roadways that will be plowed and salted as they have in the past to achieve bare pavement as soon as possible following a snow and ice event.

The remainder of the streets will be plowed as they have been in the past, but less salt will be used before, during, and after the event as described on the attached guidelines. It is important to note that this modification applies to salting of the low volume pavements; all pavements the Village is responsible to plow will be plowed.

The following guidelines are recommended:
  • Arterial, Collector, and Business Park roads will be fully salted during an initial callout. During long term snow event operations, intersections and sharp curves will continue to be salted. At the conclusion of an event all roads will be salted to reduce icing conditions.
  • Low volume residential streets will be salted at curves, hills, and intersections during an initial callout. At the conclusion of an event all roads will be salted at curves, hills, and intersections to reduce icing conditions.
  • Cul-de-sacs will not be salted during an initial callout unless there is an icing condition. In certain locations, long throats to the cul-de-sacs may be salted at sharp curves or hills, at the direction of the Crew Leader on duty. At the conclusion of an initial callout, the Crew Leader will determine, based on temperature, time, and day if the cul-de-sacs will be salted. If cul-de-sacs need to be salted, the operation may move forward then or the next day. After the completion of a snow event and the cul-de-sacs are plowed, staff will determine whether to salt the cul-de-sacs as noted above.
  • Parking lots which are plowed by contract will be salted only in the main aisle or the end of the event and all plowing is completed by the contractor and Streets & Utilities personnel will check for salt applications.
  • Salt trucks will be calibrated and set to distribute 250 lbs. of salt per lane mile. The truck operator will adjust the salt application rate for low volume residential streets.

Through this effort we are hopeful our consumption and use of salt will be reduced, however, if during the winter months we determine that this is not the case we may utilize a sand/salt mixture to augment our de-icing efforts.

Priority One Plowing & Salting Map: The streets highlighted in red are priority one streets. For a larger view of the map, place your cursor on top of the map, a magnifying glass will show in place of the cursor and you can scroll the magnifying glass to make the map larger.

For more information, please contact the Public Works Streets & Utilities Division at 847-362-3434.

The Streets & Utilities division is responsible for carrying out snow and ice control operations on Village streets, alleys and parking lots.

The Parks Division is reponsible for the plowing/removal operations of designated Village sidewalks and parking lots

Responsible for monitoring the pavement conditions between the hours of 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. and notifying Streets & Utilities personnel as snow and ice conditions develop.

Village Staff Shoveling
On March 22, 2011, the Village amended the ordinances regulating parking after snowstorms.

The Village of Libertyville Municipal Code Chapter 23, Article IV, Subsection 23-71 states:

Parking After Snowstorms
It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on any village street or highway, when there is one (1) inch or more of unremoved snow on the street, for a period of twenty-four (24) hours, or until such time as the roadway has been cleared of snow (exempts the C-1 downtown core commercial district). 

Any person, firm or corporation violating this Ordinance shall be fined not less $10.00 nor more than $500 for each offense, and separate offenses shall be deemed committed for each and every one-hour period during which a violation continues or exists. 

Each street in the Village has a designation as a priority one, two or three street.
  • Priority One: Defined as arterials, collectors, emergency routes and school routes (on school days). These streets receive more frequent plowing and/or additional deicers applied, primarily due to heavier traffic volumes. Under most conditions, these streets are plowed curb to curb and deicers applied before priority two streets begin.
  • Priority Two: Residential, non-primary routes (includes cul-de-sacs) which typically do not have heavy traffic volumes. Generally cleared after the priority one streets are complete. Snow is plowed curb to curb.
  • Priority Three: Alleys are cleared toward the end of snow events.

Sidewalks are plowed, shoveled or snow blown by the Parks Department and Public Works Department. Sidewalk clearing/deicing usually begins as snow starts to accumulate and continues on an as needed basis pending the availability of Village personnel.

Snow plowing of various public, commuter and Parks Department parking lots is performed by a contractor hired by the Village. Snow plowing of the lots is usually completed during the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 within the 24 hour period when there is minimal traffic and cars parked. 

Downtown Sidewalks & Parking Lots done by Village Staff   For a larger view of the map, place your cursor on top of the map, a magnifying glass will show in place of the cursor and you can scroll the magnifying glass to make the map larger.

The Village is broken up into ten (10) sections to optimize the efficiency of snow plow operations in which the snowfighters are assigned to designated streets within a section. There are a total of 83.5 centerline miles that the Village Public Works Department is responsible for clearing after a snow event.

10.4 centerline miles west of St. Mary's Road, east of Milwaukee,
south of Winchester, north of Route 176

8.4 centerline miles south of Route 176, north of Oak Trail Drive,
west of St. Mary's Road, east of Milwaukee Avenue

8.9 centerline miles west of County Club Drive, north of Florsheim Drive,
east of Milwaukee Avenue and south of Valley Park

7.5 centerline miles north of Greentree Parkway, west of Milwaukee Avenue,
south of Golf Road, east of Butterfield

7.9 centerline miles west of Dawes Street, north of Golf Road, east of Village
Limits, south of Butterfield Road & Ridgewood intersection

9.2 centerline miles south of Route 176, west of Milwaukee Avenue,
east of Dymond Avenue, north of Golf Road

8.2 centerline miles north of Route 176, west of Milwaukee Avenue,
east of Butterfield, south of Winchester Road

8.1 centerline miles north of Winchester, west of Midlothian Road,
east of Butterfield, south of Route 137

6.6 centerline miles Route 176, Route 21, Hollister Drive, Artaius Parkway

8.3 centerline miles west of Milwaukee Avenue, north of Winchester,
east of Butterfield and south of Peterson Road