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Citizen's Guide to Board Meetings
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Operation of the Meeting
The Village President (more commonly referred to as the Mayor) chairs and runs the Village Board meeting. The Mayor generally introduces items from the agenda, and presents to the Village Board background information. If the agenda item involves a development application, the Mayor may request that the petitioner make a presentation to the Village Board. The application will be discussed by the Village Board and then opened for public comment. The Village Clerk is responsible for calling the roll for those agenda items which require a vote by the Village Board.

Addressing the Board
All audience participation must be recognized by the Mayor including questions and comments directed to other Board members or petitioners. Citizens wishing to address the Mayor and Village Board on any specific item which appears on the agenda will have an opportunity to do so when that agenda item is under consideration and discussion. After being recognized by the Mayor, please walk to the podium and state your name and address for the record. When there is a controversial issue or large group present, the Mayor may limit the amount of time allocated to those who want to speak, and all who speak are asked to comply with the established time limit. Because the Village Board often has a full agenda and must complete the work of the Village, you are asked not to repeat comments or questions that have already been discussed. Citizens wishing to address the Village Board on any topic not listed on the agenda may do so at the end of the meeting under the section "Items not on the Agenda." Presentation of items not on the agenda will be limited to three minutes per issue.

Each of the Village Trustees is assigned by the Mayor to serve on a standing committee. Each of these committees has a chairperson and the issues discussed by each Village Board committee are generally limited to those issues which are referred to the committee by the Mayor and full Village Board. These meetings are generally less formal than Village Board meetings, however, all audience participation must be directed through the chairperson of the committee. Generally an item is scheduled for discussion at the committee meeting, and a recommendation vote is taken. The item is then scheduled for Village Board consideration at the next regular Board meeting. Occasionally committee discussion and board action may be taken the same day when there is some urgency to the issue/action.

Agenda Information
The Village Board meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 8:00 pm at the Village Hall. Copies of the formal agenda are available in the Village Administrator's office on Friday before the regularly scheduled Tuesday evening meeting. Information regarding the Village Board and committee agendas may be obtained from the Village Administrator's office by calling (847) 362-2430. A special agenda of business items is prepared for each meeting, however, the general order of business for all
Village Board meetings are as follows:
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Roll call
  • Omnibus vote agenda
  • New business items
  • Petitions and communications
  • Citizens wishing to address the Board for items not on the agenda
  • Adjournment