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Parkway Tree Pruning
November 12, 2015

The Village of Libertyville will continue the parkway tree pruning in the Northwest quadrant of the Village. This will be year three of the pruning with the expectation that the entire Village Parkway Tree population will be pruned in the next 6 years. The pruning will take place between January and April of each year. (See attachment)

Pruning of trees is probably the most important of all tree maintenance practices. Proper and systematic pruning will help the trees withstand adverse environmental conditions and help to prevent damage if limbs were to fall.

Within the next several months, a contractor working for the Village of Libertyville will be pruning parkway trees in front of your home. Every effort will be made to efficiently and safely prune these trees. Village staff will be monitoring the progress of this effort to ensure the trees are properly pruned per Village specifications.

The pruning operation will include removal of broken, dead and diseased limbs, helping to prevent decay-producing fungi from penetrating the tree at these sites. Sucker growth will be removed to a minimum height of 14’. Low hanging limbs that are a potential hazard to pedestrians or vehicular traffic will be removed. The tree(s) will be raised up to a height of 12’ over the sidewalks and 14’ over the streets. Proper discretion will be used in determining the actual pruning heights, keeping in mind the growth habits of the tree(s) being pruned.

Pruning “paints” have been thoroughly researched and have been found to have no benefits in the healing of wounds/cuts and in many cases has been found to have an adverse effect. For this reason, pruning paint will not be used.

While the pruning of the parkway tree(s) may seem severe in some cases, rest assured that it is a necessary maintenance need for the continued growth and health of the tree and no harm to the tree should result with this practice.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tree pruning program, please call the Parks Maintenance Division of Public Works at 847-918-2074