Comcast Cable Installation

An underground Fiber Optic & Coaxial cable installation will take place in the area near Mullady Parkway, Furlong Drive, 4th Street, Riva Ridge Drive and Loatonia Court,  as a necessary upgrade to existing node infrastructure.     Click Here to view the map for the location of  the cable installation.   

This work will be completed by Austen Construction Co. for Comcast. 

The sewer televising contractor is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, February 3, 2021.  Comcast will provide a construction door hanger notice to the affected residents.   This project is anticipated to take two to three weeks to complete, weather permitting.  There will be no service interruptions as a result of this project.

The length of installation will be approximately 2,850 L.F of Fiber Optic cable & approximately 558 L.F. of Coaxial cable, placed in (1)-2” conduit. Cables to be installed by method of directional bore, 36” depth TYP.

All traffic and safety rules will be followed. All disturbed areas shall be restored to original condition or better and shall comply with village restoration specifications.