Lead Water Service Replacement

The Village has established a Residential Lead Service Replacement Incentive Program Policy to further encourage residents to replace the lead water service supplying their property.  Public Works staff estimates that there are approximately 350 lead services in the Village right of way (between the watermain and B-box) and approximately 700 lead services on private property (between the B-box and structure).    The Village will fund up to 50 percent of the construction cost for the private lead water service replacement, but no more than $2,500 for projects that upgrade the water service from the house to the b-box (only when the portion of the water service from the main to the b-box has already been upgraded).  Reimbursement matching funding increases to $3,500 for projects that upgrade the service from the main to the structure.  The homeowner must first pay for the private lead service to be replaced and then apply for reimbursement.  Only projects that remove lead services in totality will be considered for reimbursement.