Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Libertyville Fire Department is committed to providing the residents of the Village of Libertyville and the Libertyville Fire Protection District quality fire, rescue, and emergency medical services in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. The Department will preserve Fire Department history and tradition, as well as facilitate partnerships with all members of the Village and District to make Libertyville and its surround areas better places to live and work. Our mission is performed with utmost dedication and professionalism.


To ensure the success of our Mission, we will develop partnerships that are trusting and interactive. We will invest in our most important resource, our employees, to enhance their professionalism and technical abilities. As a result, the Village of Libertyville will continue to maintain its image of a safe, desirable, and vibrant community.


To demonstrate our commitment to our profession, we subscribe to the following values:

Integrity: We will continue to strive for total honesty and integrity to provide a strong foundation for building trust in our community and organization.

Respect: We are committed to maintaining the utmost respect for each other and the individual rights of citizens we service.

Accountability: We recognize that in our chosen profession, we are held to a higher standard. Therefore, we will strive for the highest order of responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Pride: We are proud to serve in a growing and vibrant community. The fact that we are able to help people is a rewarding experience for us. Our pride and commitment in what we do reflects how we feel about our Department and the Village of Libertyville.

Partnerships: We are committed to developing trusting and interactive relationships with the community to foster mutual respect and understanding. These partnerships will enhance the safety and quality of life for all citizens.

Teamwork: We are committed to building trust and communication through teamwork.

Excellence: As professionals, we will commit to excellence through preparedness, superior customer service, loyalty, and focus.