Emergency Notification System

Seconds Count in an Emergency

The Village of Libertyville has instituted the Everbridge® Emergency Notification System - an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications. This system allows us to telephone all or targeted areas of the Village in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action. 

Emergency Notification Features

  • High speed delivery of critical emergency message targeted to the appropriate audience.
  • The system allows for you to enter both your primary phone number and an alternate phone number.
  • The system allows for both residential and business listings.
  • Tone delivery of emergency messages for the hearing impaired.

Our contact database is comprised of published telephone numbers. Residents or businesses with unlisted numbers should register, as well as anyone who wants to add a second number or just verify that the information we have is correct.

Please take a moment to submit your information to the Emergency Notifications Network. This system will only be used for emergency purposes and village-wide announcements!

Citizen Alerts

There is also a citizen alert center that you can subscribe to called News Flash-Citizen Alert! In the event there is a significant emergency or village-wide announcement you can receive an e-mail or text about the information. The emergency alerts page on the website is the consolidated place to find Libertyville alerts. Social media is also another method of communication that the Village tries to utilize to share important information.

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State of Illinois Emergency Contact Database

This database allows you to enter emergency contact information, as well as disability/special needs information, into a voluntary, secure database at no charge. In the event you are involved in a motor vehicle crash or other emergency where you are unable to communicate, law enforcement can access the information and notify your designated emergency contacts, as well as provide any helpful information to emergency/medical personnel at the scene.

State of Illinois Emergency Contact Database