Fire Protection District


Bordering the Village of Libertyville to the north and east and spanning nearly 22 miles, the Libertyville Fire Protection District is comprised of unincorporated Libertyville Township and the Village of Green Oaks, as well as parts of the Village of Mettawa and unincorporated Lake Forest. Additionally, the District is comprised of numerous forest preserve lands available for public recreation, from bicycle trails to picnic areas. 

The District also includes over six miles of interstate roadways and several railroad services, including Amtrak, Metra District North Line, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific.

The District has contracted with the Village of Libertyville to provide fire and rescue services to the residents, visitors, and organizations within the District since 1940.

Located just south of Abbott Park and completed in 1998, the District shares Fire Station 3 with the Fire Department of Abbott Laboratories, resulting in a unique agreement in which the station is staffed by firefighters of both Libertyville and Abbott Fire Departments.

The District is governed by three trustees:

  • Lee Haak, President
  • Craig Dowden, Treasurer
  • James Moran, Secretary
Libertyville Fire Protection District Call Statistics
Type of Call
% of All Calls Being District Calls29.8%33.3%32.7%35.5%35.9%
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