Freedom of Information Act Requests

FOIA Requests

The Village of Libertyville provides comprehensive procedures, instructions, and forms for obtaining Village public records in accordance with the Local Records Act.

Please provide your request for inspection of, or copies of records in writing to the FOIA Officer. Requests may be made by mail, fax or personal delivery. No standard form is required, however if you wish you may use the FOIA form. Village staff will respond to each properly submitted request to inspect, copy, or certify public records within five working days after receipt of the request.

Copies of public records will be provided only after any applicable fees are paid as provided in the FOIA Rules. Copies of public records will not be mailed except upon pre-payment of a fee equal to the actual cost of postage and any applicable copying costs.

All notices and other communications relating to a request to inspect, copy, or certify public records, all requests for copies of the FOIA Rules, and all requests for any other information relating to the Village's implementation of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act must be directed to:


Executive Assistant

Village of Libertyville

118 W. Cook Avenue

Libertyville, Illinois 60048


The Village will charge the following fees for reproduction or copying of records as set forth in the FOI Act:

  1. Black and white, letter or legal size copies-no charge for providing the initial 50 pages, after which the cost is $.15 per page.
  2. Color or irregular sized copies-the actual costs incurred by the Village for reproducing the records.
  3. Certification of a document-the fee for certification of a document is $1.00.
  4. Records in Electronic format-the fee charged for producing records in an electronic format is the actual cost incurred by the Village for purchasing the recording medium.
  5. Waiver of fees-requests to waive any fee(s) for reproduction of documents must be made in writing to the Village of Libertyville and must state how the information requested "primarily benefits the general public."

Village Profile and FOIA Rules

The Village of Libertyville was incorporated in 1882 and is overseen by the President and Board of Trustees who are elected at-large by the citizens of Libertyville. The Village is a Non-Home Rule community under the powers granted by the State of Illinois and has a population of 20,315 (2010 census).

The President of the Board of Trustees is elected at large for a four-year term, and serves as the chief elected official of the Village, presiding at all Board of Trustees meetings and ceremonial occasions. With the approval of the Board, the President appoints non-elected Village officials.

The six Trustees of the Village Board are elected at large to serve for four-year, overlapping terms and may be elected for an indefinite number of terms. The Board formulates policy, usually in the form of resolution or ordinances, and is directly responsible to the citizens of Libertyville. The Village Clerk is the recording officer of the Village, elected at large for a four-year term, and is responsible for attending all meetings of the Board of Trustees and keeping records of the proceedings. The Clerk also works with county officials in conducting

Village elections.

Each of the Village Trustees is assigned the chairmanship of a standing committee and serves on two other committees. These committees are: Finance, Fire and Police, License and Permits, Parks and Recreation, Special Projects and Buildings, Streets, and Water and Sewer. The President and Village Board are also assisted by a number of appointed advisory commissions and boards.

The President and Village Trustees appoint a Village Administrator, who is the chief

administrative officer of the Village. The Village Administrator is responsible for the direction and supervision of the day to day affairs, activities and services of the Village.

The Village fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30 annually. The 2023-2024 budget outlines a financial program calling for $49,625,239 million in expenditures, including general operations, utilities, designated funds, capital improvements, and bond fund payments.

Block Diagram-Functional Subdivisions

Village Staff- The Village has 159 full-time employees and approximately 150 part-time and seasonal employees.

Number and Location of Separate Village Offices

Boards, Commissions, Committees Membership