Sustain Libertyville Commission


  • Seven-member commission
  • Concurrent, one year terms
  • Staff Liaison: Management Analyst - Administration/Finance


  • 4:00 pm
  • Third Wednesday of each month
  • Village Hall board room

The Sustain Libertyville Commission

  • Encourages property owners, builders and developers to protect the environment
  • Makes environmental information and resources readily available
  • Creates partnerships with interested parties to help achieve mutually beneficial sustainability goals
  • Reviews and recommends sustainable initiatives which are fiscally responsible and enhance economic vitality.
  • Provides recognition to those who have made exceptional contributions and/or efforts toward improving the sustainability of the Village.

Sustainability Plan

  • Click here to review the current Sustainability Plan (2022 update).
    This plan includes the commission's past accomplishments and future goals and initiatives.

50/50 Rain Barrel or Compost Bin Reimbursement Program

  • This program encourages residents to purchase a rain barrel for water conservation, or compost bin to improve soils and plant life.
  • Click here to learn more about the program.

Adopt-A-Park Program

  • The Adopt-a-Park program encourages community groups, or neighborhood groups to adopt-a-park and provide organized clean-ups in Spring and Fall.
  • Click here to learn more about the program.

Tree City USA

  • The Commission is proud of Libertyville's Tree City USA status in recognition of its investment in green space and the environment. The Village has been recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation for 30 years as a Tree City, maintaining a tree board or department, having a community tree ordinance, spending at least $2 per capita on urban forestry, and celebrating Arbor Day. 
  • Libertyville has also been recognized with the Growth Award for 7 years, exemplifying major milestones and annual activities in five categories to build sustainable community forestry over the long term.

Bird City Illinois

  • The Commission is excited to announce that the Village of Libertyville has achieved Bird City Illinois status from the Audubon Council of Illinois! Bird City Illinois recognizes the commitment of state municipalities to a green future inclusive of birds and nature. To become a Bird City, a municipality must demonstrate its dedication to birds across six categories: (1) Habitat Creation, Protection, and Monitoring of Natural Communities, (2) Limiting or Removing Threats to Birds, (3) Education and Inclusion, (4) Climate and Sustainability, (5) World Migratory Bird Day, and (6) Bird City Resolution.