Pavement Rejuvination

The Village will be utilizing a pavement rejuvenator product known as “reclamite” that is produced and installed by the firm Corrective Asphalt Materials (CAM).  

This preventative maintenance program applies maltene-based pavement rejuvenator to asphalt roadways with recently completed surfaces, extending the life of the pavement by about five to seven years. The rejuvenator inserts maltenes, or glue, allowing for a tighter aggregate surface. This leads to less rocks chipping off, slows the oxidation process, and prevents water from sitting in cracks in the pavement, reducing damage from freeze-thaw cycles. Traffic impacts are typically minimal as one lane is closed at a time while the rejuvenator is applied. The process takes about 30 minutes. Once applied, motorists may notice an aggregate spread on the road that looks like sand, which prevents the rejuvenator liquid from getting on vehicles while it soaks into the pavement. Motorists should drive carefully on the aggregate covering following application. The excess aggregate is swept up the following day

The following streets to be treated are:  Juniper Parkway, Juniper Court, Sandy Lane, Rosewood Terrace, Lilac Court, Sandy Court, Talltree Terrace, Crabtree Terrace, Poplar Court, Hemlock Lane, and Mayfair Drive.  

Pavement Rejuvination picture

Photo:  Corrective Asphalt Materials Brochure