Arts Commission


  • Eight-member commission
  • Staggered, three-year terms
  • Staff Liason: Deputy Village Administrator


  • On an as needed basis

The Libertyville Arts Commission

The Commission makes recommendations to the Board concerning the provision of an environment in which arts will flourish within the Village. They are also responsible for the following:

  • Promoting fine arts
  • Reviewing the appropriate placement of purchased, commissioned, or donated public artwork in areas where residents and visitors live and congregate
  • Establishing public art donation guidelines and review processes

Past Projects

The Commission has hosted a number of art events and features throughout the Village! Past projects include:

  • Moveable mural featured at Adler Arts Center
  • Stationary wall mural in the Lake St. parking garage
  • Yard storm display down Milwaukee Ave.
  • "Performance Art in the Park" featuring music from local talent