What are the proper mailbox dimensions according to Village and US Post Office specifications?

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1. My water bill is high – what do I do?
2. What streets does the Village maintain?
3. Is a permit required for the disconnection of water and sanitary service lines?
4. Noisy water meter - what do I do?
5. What is the hardness of our water?
6. Low water pressure - what do I do?
7. What do I do about a sewer smell in my drains?
8. My drain backs up when I use a large amount of water, what should I do?
9. I have a blockage in my sewer service under the street, will the Village repair it?
10. How should I select my plumber/underground contractor?
11. How can I get my street/sidewalk or curb repaired?
12. Who is responsible for maintaining my driveway apron?
13. How can I get sign changes or additional signs?
14. How often will my street get swept?
15. The Village plow hit my mailbox, will the Village fix it?
16. What are the proper mailbox dimensions according to Village and US Post Office specifications?
17. There are flags in my yard, what should I do with them?
18. J.U.L.I.E. locates - should I mark my yard to indicate where I need locates?
19. Streetlight Outages – Whom do I call?
20. Who picks up household garbage and landscape waste?
21. SWALCO - Where and when are drop off events?
22. What do I do with left over latex paint?
23. Performance bond - what is it?
24. Performance bond - who pays?
25. Is the performance bond an additional fee?
26. Performance bond - Is it an additional fee?
27. Performance bond – when is it returned?
28. Do I need a permit from Engineering for repair of an individual building service break on my property?
29. Which public utility service lines need to be disconnected before demolition of an existing structure?
30. When do the public utility service lines need to be disconnected?
31. Are there fees related to the ROW permit, and if so, how much would a permit cost?
32. Where are the service lines disconnected at?
33. Who notifies the Village that the work is being done once the permit has been issued?
34. What phone number should be called to schedule the inspections?
35. What happens after the service disconnection work is completed?
36. Who do I contact for information on the demolition permit?
37. I just moved in and want to re-landscape my parkway. The landscaper is telling me this is village responsibility?
38. Does the village have maps that show elevation?
39. What are village requirements for the driveway apron?
40. Do I need a permit from engineering to install a drain tile?
41. What is required of me to install a new water tap?
42. I’ve scheduled a water tap between 1” – 2” (i.e. abandonment of service), what does the village supply?
43. Driveway apron replacement - can the village help with the costs?
44. Why do I need to have my water disconnected when constructing an addition?
45. How much depth of trench does the village require before shoring? (Water and sewer disconnect)
46. How do I find bid documents and plans?