Summer Watering Restrictions/Sewer Discount

Watering Restrictions

Communities receiving Lake Michigan water allocations must restrict water usage during the summer months. From May 15th through September 15th, the following water use regulations are in effect for Libertyville residents:
  • No lawn sprinkling between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, with watering limited to an every-other-day basis (even numbered addresses on even calendar days, odd numbered addresses on odd calendar days).
  • Newly sodded lawns may be watered without restriction during the first two weeks after installation.
  • Vegetable and flower gardens may be watered at any time with a hand-held hose or watering can.
  • No restrictions apply to car washing as long as a hose with a functional shut-off valve is used.
Residents with questions should call the Public Works Department at (847) 362-3434.

Summer Sewer Discount for Single Family Homes

Sewer bills issued on August 1st through November 1st are charged for sewer usage based on each locations winter average plus 25%. For example, a home with usage of 10,000 gallons during winter and 20,000 gallons of usage on the August 1st bill, would pay a sewer charge based on 11,000 gallons of usage.