Adopt A Highway Program

The Adopt-A-Highway program in Libertyville is administered by the Public Works Department Streets & Utilities Division. The program originated in Texas in 1985 as a means to pick up litter along roadways. In Libertyville, the Public Works Department will post a sign along the roadway with the name of the group that has “adopted” that portion to pick up litter.   For questions, please contact the Streets & Utilities Division at (847) 362-3434, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Application and Checklists

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Adopt A Highway Program Rules

  1. No interstate highways are included in this program.
  2. The Village of Libertyville and the group will decide on the lengths to be adopted, with two miles being the greatest distance acceptable. The Director of Public Works for the Village of Libertyville will designate the section of highway which have been determined unacceptable for adoption due to safety reasons.
  3. The Village of Libertyville will furnish and erect the signs with the group name. The signs shall conform to the requirements of the Illinois Department of Transportation. No logos or slogans will be allowed on the signs.
  4. The Village of Libertyville will conduct a safety training and distribute safety guidelines to the Group Coordinator. Group Coordinators must attend the safety meeting and brief all workers regarding safety requirements before going out to pick up litter.
  5. The adopting groups will adopt their section of highway for two years with the right to renew the agreement. The Village of Libertyville has the right to terminate a contract and remove signs if the group is not cleaning their section. Groups will be given a 30-day notice, and their signs will be removed.
  6. Liability insurance shall not be required. The adopting group must accept responsibility for the actions of its volunteers and hold harmless the sponsoring jurisdiction and/or the State of Illinois.
  7. If a group would like to terminate their contract, the must do so in writing to the Village of Libertyville, attention Department of Public Works.
  8. The adopting group will identify a group coordinator.
  9. Groups will be responsible for litter pick up only. Pick up shall occur a minimum of four times per year. Recommended times are April/May, June/July, August/September and October/November.
  10. Adequate supervision for minors under age 18 must be provided. It is required that one adult supervisor for every five minors be present. in addition, no one under the age of ten is permitted on the highways.
  11. The group must notify the Public Works Department 847-362-3434 prior to each litter collection date.
  12. The Group members are required to wear gloves, hard sole shoes and long pants when picking up litter. Group members shall wear orange safety vests which will be furnished by the Village. Safety vests will be returned by the Group to the Village within three days following litter pick up.
  13. The Group must maintain a first aid kit and an adequate supply of drinking water during litter pick up times.
  14. No drugs or alcohol shall be carried or consumed by any group member while picking up litter.
  15. The group shall place the litter in trashbags provided by the Village of Libertyville and leave the filled trashbags at a predetermined location along the right of way for pickup.
  16. All vehicles will be parked off the right of way, an no parking will be allowed along curves, on bridge decks, near or under overpasses, or in median areas.
  17. All groups must stay off all highway pavements.
  18. The Group will post warning signs, furnished by the Village, at the pavement edge in advance of the litter pickup zone of the adopted section. The group will remove the signs immediately following litter collection and return them to the Public Works Department within three days.
  19. Groups must obtain supplies during the work hours of the Village of Libertyville Public Works Department, 600 North Avenue, Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  20. Any large objects or dead animals found along the highway should be marked for pickup, or the location reported to the Libertyville Public Works Department 847-362-3434.

Adopt a Highway Agreement Definitions

Village of Libertyville: Municipality sponsoring the Adopt-A-Highway program.
Director of Public Works: The Director of Public Works or his/her designee for the Village of Libertyville.
Group: Member or employees of civic or not-for-profit organizations, and commercial or private enterprises, which have requested to participate in Adopt-A-Highway. 
Group Coordinator: The individual selected by the group to serve as its liaison with the Village of Libertyville. 
Group President: The individual which is the recognized leader, president or chairperson for a group.
Litter: Any unsightly or offensive matter that may include, but is not limited to, disposable packaging, containers, cans, bottles, paper, ashes, cigar or cigarette butts. Litter does not include hazardous, heavy, large items or carcasses. 
Adopted Selection: A length of Village right of way, bike path or state right of way located within the corporate limits of the Village and identified by the Illinois Department of Transportation and/or sponsoring jurisdiction as a safe, adoptable section of right of way. Sections of right of way may be determined inappropriate for adoption for safety reasons.