Elevator Inspections & Certificates

As of May, 2007 the State of Illinois requires elevators to be registered with the State Fire Marshal's Office.  Information, registration forms and requirements for upgrading or modifying elevators to State standards is available on their web page. 

The Village of Libertyville inspects elevators twice a year.  A certified inspector from Thompson Elevator Inspection Service performs the inspections for the Village in May and November.  Inspection fees are established in the Village Fee Schedule.  When the elevator has been approved for use, the Village will issue a certificate for each elevator. 

For a list of licensed elevator contractors from the State Fire Marshal's Office, click here.
Please let us know of any changes in contact or mailing information.  You may provide contact information or request a certificate on-line, the phone at (847) 918-2020 or mail to 200 E. Cook Avenue, Libertyville, IL  60048.  Your help in keeping information current is greatly appreciated.