Fishing License 

Fishing within the waterways and tributaries of Butler Lake requires an annual fishing permit. The permit can be purchased at Village Hall located at 118 W. Cook Avenue, Libertyville. There is no charge for Village of Libertyville residents and a $20.00 annual fee for Non residents.  The year runs from May 1 – April 30th. This is only required for people ages 16 and older. 

*Due to COVID-19, fishing permits can be obtained by sending a copy of a Driver's License to Julie Ludwig at For assistance please contact 847-362-7651.

Catch and Release Fishing Regulations
  • Live bait such as worms, minnows and grubs may be used.
  • Artificial flies and lures may be used.
  • All species excluding rough fish must be returned to the water immediately upon catch. Click here for a visual of all Rough Fish (Carp, Buffalo, Sucker, Sheepshead, Bowfin, Burbot, Cisco, Gar, Goldeye, Bullhead, Dog Fish)
  • Spear fishing, drop nets, cast nets and bow and arrow fishing is strictly prohibited within the waterways and tributaries of Butler Lake.
  • Any violation will be cited using the Village Ordinance (parking ) ticket with a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $500. The fine for pleading guilty and paying the Village Ordinance ticket without a court hearing be set by policy at $50 ($100 after the due date). These regulations are adopted and made enforceable pursuant to the Village of Libertyville's general police power as set forth in the Village of Libertyville.