Property Maintenance


The Village of Libertyville’s Code Compliance Inspector is responsible for enforcing the Village’s Property Maintenance Codes. You may contact the inspector at (847) 918-2017 or (847) 918-2020, or via an on-line request form.

You can be a Good Neighbor by observing the following simple rules.

Please ...

  • Keep your lawn mowed.
  • Maintain your property, keeping it clean of debris and in a sanitary manner.
  • Park only on approved surfaces, not your lawn. Use trash containers with tight fitting lids and place trash containers behind the building line, not in view of a public street.
  • Put out trash after 6:00 pm the evening before pickup and remove containers soon after pickup.
  • Remove doors on refrigerators and similar equipment before discarding.
  • Keep noise down - be considerate of your neighbors.
  • Do not place garage sale signs on the public-right-of-way and utility poles.
  • Trim tree branches and shrubbery so they do not obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  • Do not push or remove snow, leaves, landscape or other waste from any private property onto the public right-of-way.
  • Clean up after your dog ... and do not let them run loose!
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in keeping Libertyville a safe place to work and live.