Sustain Libertyville Commission


  • Seven-member commission
  • Concurrent, one year terms
  • Staff Liaison: Public Works Management Analyst  


  • 4:00 pm
  • Third Wednesday of each month
  • Village Hall board room

The Sustain Libertyville Commission:
  • Encourages property owners, builders and developers to protect the environment
  • Makes environmental information and resources readily available
  • Creates partnerships with interested parties to help achieve mutually beneficial sustainability goals
  • Reviews and recommends sustainable initiatives which are fiscally responsible and enhance economic vitality.
  • Provides recognition to those who have made exceptional contributions and/or efforts toward improving the sustainability of the Village.
Sustainability Plan
  • Click here, to review the current Sustainability Plan, 2018 Update. Here you will find the commission's past accomplishments as well as future goals/initiatives.