Libertyville Foundation - A Tradition of Giving



The Village of Libertyville is an exemplary community, in great part due to the generosity of its citizens who have donated their time and their dollars to make Libertyville such a great place to live and work. It is with this generosity that the Mayor and Board of Trustees established the Libertyville Foundation. This Foundation was designed to formalize the giving process and create an opportunity for tax-deductible contributions from individuals, businesses, and community organizations.


The Village Board of Trustees established the Libertyville Foundation as a means for providing a charitable arm for residents and investors.

This 501(c)(3) organization has a separately appointed Board of Trustees and accepts donations on behalf of the Village of Libertyville.


Since its inception in December of 2005, the Foundation has donated funds for life-saving equipment in the police and fire departments, landscaping improvements, memorial trees and benches, and undesignated gifts. The Foundation has identified numerous community needs which could benefit from individual or matching monetary contributions.

Currently, the most utilized form of giving is memorial trees and benches. These gifts provide not only a celebratory recognition of lives and legacies, they also contribute beauty and enjoyment to our local parks. To apply for a memorial tree planting or personalized bench or table, complete the forms below:

The Foundation welcomes any suggestions or ideas for donations and encourages residents to consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the fund. For further information, please contact the Finance Department at (847) 362-2430.


Memorial trees with in-ground plaques


Memorial bench with commemorative plaque